oranova: motion comic

Thanks to a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts I was able to create a pilot for a motion comic (a mixture between comic and animation, working with movement, soundscapes & rudimentary interactivity).

Breccia, the metropolis where the story takes place.

Oranova is a storytelling arena, developed by Jantiene de Kroon and me. It’s an ever expanding scifi/fantasy world. Edel’s Story is one of many narratives we’re working on at the moment (more to come!).

Moco cover.
Presentation of the moco at Klik! Animation Festival (now Kaboom!).
Edel fighting off one of the many pests in Breccia.
Barbera’s curling salon.
Edel runs into Kaec (another important character).
Gramma Lazula is the janitor of the building Edel’s squatting in.

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