oranova: VR

Pink Elephants on Parade (in VR)

My work wife Jantiene de Kroon & me got selected by the Filmfonds & the SCI (Immerse/Interact) to create a VR-demo for our project-in-progress ‘Oranova’. So I’ve been experimenting with VR, especially with Tilt Brush.

Temple of Durga, front view

The possibilities of the software are limitless and quite limited at the same time. It really calls for a different artistic approach than my regular drawing style. It has a very specific technical and atmospheric feel to it; it reminds me of computer graphics in the late nineties/early noughties. At the same time, it’s mindblowing to be able to move around in your own work.

Temple of Durga, look-around
Dog Star, front view

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